Offline docs/howtos

So many more releases over the past few months; open-source BIOS, main board specs & case STLs and more…

I’m wanting to grab all GitHub info, which I know how to scrape - but I’m wondering if has any source for all the www how-tos (or a full service manual) that pop up when you scan the various QR codes. Before I scrape all, do you know of any service manual available with all that data?

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The Guides site has a fully-documented API you can take advantage of. For example, here’s how to get a list of all the guides in the Framework Laptop category (the only category as of now):

The list of guides can be found in the resulting json object: d['guides'] and each guide url can be found in d['guides'][i]['url'].

You’ll notice that each guide also has a Download PDF option under the Options menu on the top-right corner. After a cursory inspection of the API, it doesn’t look like there’s a way to directly request this PDF. However it wouldn’t be too difficult to automate parsing the result of the above API call for the link, navigate to it, and download the PDF.


I found the API and was able to archive all the guides and even the entire support webpage - completely awesome API and open for all to see. I now have an offline archive to use IF there were ever a need.

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