Confusion over login on

It appears that my normal framework user id and password do not work when attempting to download the complete manual you link to here. Are there two different logins here for Framework support? Also for support in general. As near as I can tell, the nord*** id is what I use with framework and it only works here in community.

The guide at RTC Battery Substitution on 11th Gen Intel® Core™ - Framework Guides should be accessible without logging in. It is posted publicly. Logging in is only needed to leave comments on the guide. The login system is separate for


It works for me, without logging in.

Can’t log in to get the complete guide, can get the synopsis that you post first though.

You don’t need to login, there are only 4 steps to it, can you see them all?

Firefox, Chrome, desktop, mobile, incognito, all works for me. None of them logged in. Maybe doesn’t like you.

Working fine for me here. Possible you need to clear your cache or do a hard refresh/reload.

Also curious about an ETA for ordering. I had my battery completely die on me multiple times recently (I often have no access to power receptacles when working in the field) and I had to wait far too long for the laptop to power on again after plugging it back in.

nrp explained that access to the complete guide requires a separate login.

You misunderstood.

You are correct, I mistook that point, but that is an aside to the issue of repairing our laptops.