OLED vs IPS: Which of the following two would you choose?

Two panels to choose from, which would you pick for yourself, and why:

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OLED every time. Last I heard Windows was still goofy when it comes to the HDR experience but if/when that gets sorted out OLED can take advantage of that.


IPS every time. OLED has burn-in issues, especially for devices with static screen elements like computers. I buy my hardware to last, not to end up in an e-waste junkyard in a couple years.


Personally, I would go for whatever is cheaper, given similar specs. I am personally not concerned about image retention on newer oleds, but I would consider my use to see if oled makes sense before purchasing.

I own two OLED TVs (connected to HTPCs (Home-Theater-PC), and never used as normal TELE-vision), and like them for what they are, but on a normal computer, I’d choose IPS over OLED. Not worth the reliability tradeoff. Both of my OLED TVs developed dead pixels near the corner/edges, despite minimal usage, whereas none of my IPS monitors have done anything bad, including one I’ve been using every workday for almost 9 years.

Maybe it’s just my bad OLED luck. Blah blah. Whatever is the case, it’s just my opinion anyway.


This topic seems to have died and been revived, so I’ll chime in.

I’d choose the IPS display. I’m weird about stuff and I can’t get it out of my head when I’m causing wear and tear on something, lol. I know if I had an OLED I’d love the look, but I’d never be able to stop thinking about possible burn-in and whether it’s a serious issue or not, I know I’d end up consciously or even subconsciously changing how I use the computer in an attempt to limit burn in. It’s just one more thing for my strange brain not to have to think about. IPS for me.

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OLED, especially if the panels was easy to replace


OLED, imo the technology has matured to the point that the visual benefits are well worth the tradeoffs!

Specially with a company like Framework that makes it easy to change the screen panel if it has any degradation. It is a shame there is mo OLED option for Framework laptop as the capacity to easily replace the panel would be a great talking point.

Currently and for now IPS.

It’s just a laptop.

You make a good point. The panel would likely be easy to replace on the Framework. Still, depending on the cost to replace it, I might still lean towards IPS.

IPS isn’t immortal, especially in laptops. Over time a lot of them develop bright spots from pressure points during transportation and stuff like that. I’d take some mild burn in over bright spots in most cases (and burn-in takes a lot longer when you don’t run 100% brightness all day every day). The price difference is definitely a thing but I don’t think the oled would cost more than 2x of the ips.

Renember that Framework is still less then 100 people. I am sure that IPS displays are significantly easier to get a hold of at small sizes compared to OLED. Someone from @framework can probably answer better then me though.

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IPS. Unless the PWM flickering of OLED got solved.