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First of all, thanks to the team that created this cute modular laptop for customers. I am sure the IPS display is nice for today’s model, but it would will future models have a well-calibrated OLED screen?


We haven’t stated anything yet around alternative displays, but we did design the Framework Laptop to make the display easy to replace.


Thank you for your reply, I wish the company a lot of success!


@nrp Does this mean, displays with OLED screens are harder to fix?!

I really love OLED. The color is amazing and the black is pure deep black which we don’t get from a traditional IPS display. The difference is significant.

Is any hope/talk/ideas toward bring OLED option in framework laptop?

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No, the panel itself is replaceable by removing the bezel and unscrewing it. Good luck trying to fix any kind of display technology, its very difficult :joy:! OLED panels are more expensive, and harder to get hold of than LCD’s as the technology is newer, so that may be a factor. If you find a display that’s the correct size and uses the same connector (I do not take responsibility for your Laptop dying :slight_smile: ) then i guess you could try it?

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OLED panels are more expensive, and harder to get hold of than LCD’s as the technology is newer.

So we have to wait for newer display technology that surpasses OLED display panels, and then we (framework) move to OLED panel. That’s really sad. What about innovation and “nothing is possible”?

I was also expecting a higher refresh rate with it (at least 120Hz), but judging by the current scenario, it’s a pipe dream.

(I hope FrameWork catch with other vendors. The motto of this vendor is very amazing.)

@Pranav https://m.aliexpress.com/item/1005004259662205.html?spm=a2g0n.productlist.0.0.7ec6WZaLWZaLPY&browser_id=c73f096f18a644ab84a533b19e9b9d73&aff_trace_key=&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=001182b347831ba13d4d4a1e5687022955c5549758&gclid=&pdp_npi=2%40dis!CAD!165.25!165.25!!!31.15!!%402101e9cf16608651406785612e0df2!12000028553164331!sea&curPageLogUid=vJy5019R0nbD&algo_pvid=cf69ba26-0d72-44b4-ba34-6cbe347f1327 here is an OLED if u are interested in modding it to make work should work 13.5 inch same connector doesnt have the display mounts you would have to use your current ones.

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Dear @nrp,

I hope you are well. I am seeking clarification on Framework’s development focus. It seems there is a shift towards creating display modules for the unreleased Framework 16. Is this accurate?

I understand the need for innovation, but I am concerned about the availability of essential replacement components for existing models like the Framework 13. Is the development of these components being deprioritized due to perceived lack of demand?

This focus raises concerns about the commitment to a customizable and repairable ecosystem, especially considering my preorder. While aesthetic customization, such as different bezel colors, is appreciated, many users, including myself, prioritize premium and functional options like OLED screens.

I hope Framework can balance innovation with user needs, integrating premium features to meet the evolving preferences of its user base. I look forward to your response and clarification on Framework’s developmental priorities.

@whatisframework From what I’ve seen browsing various wholesaler screen websites and vendor websites, there are only 3 or 4 screens in the size and screen ratios that the Framework 13 uses. And none of them are OLED. While I’m sure that Framework could partner with a company to develop an OLED version it would probably be extremely expensive to develop, which means that the only way the cost could be justified is if they changed the default displays they ship devices with to be OLED, which would increase the cost in potentially significant ways.

Regarding replacement parts for the 13, I would not consider an OLED screen a replacement part, I would personally consider than an upgrade part. Framework has already shown that they are committed to replacement parts, and in some cases upgrade parts as well (hinge stiffness as an example) but I would think that screens are one of those things that take significant time to create and develop. Not to mention it’s not exactly something they do in house, it would be one of their partners doing it.


I stumbled upon this discussion on the Framework Community: Framework Laptop Alternative Screens. Looks like someone might have found an OLED screen that’s a match for the Framework Laptop 13, and framework could probably make it a part of their product offering I’d imagine.

Guys, don’t be nervous. I hope the next generation of 13-inch screens will be OLED. For BOE, it is not difficult to make such a screen; don’t forget to thank Nirav and the team for their great work in making not only the laptop but the full ecosystem possible. Please, Framework team, add Georgia :georgia:. Yes, it is a small market, but it is deeply needed for buyers like me.

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I read through that thread again to be sure, and I don’t see anyone that found an OLED that will work. The 3:2 ratio really limits the displays options available.

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Yeah, I’ve looked for a while, I think I mentioned it in that thread but it’s nigh impossible to find a panel that is 3:2, right size, right eDP pinout, not to mention mounting.
Luckily 3:2 is becoming more popular (Huawei MateBook, Microsoft Surface), so maybe in the near future!

Ohh, that’s nice! I don’t follow what becoming popular in displays or not. I was worried that Framework had made an unfortunate choice in going 3:2, but maybe they were just ahead of the curve.

For people who want to use alternate screens, I hope Framework considers squeezing in an extra connector that duplicates the touchscreen signals on future 13" mainboards. Of course, they could do a display cable that breaks out the display signals, but until they offer their own touchscreen option, just an extra connector seems like the less expensive option.

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3:2 is on the rise. I know of about a dozen different models of 13.5" 3:2 display, unfortunately all of them are IPS 60 Hz displays.

The main 13.5" 3:2 display that seems like it may be a worthwhile upgrade over what the Framework 13 currently has is the Panasonic display that was used in the Microsoft Surface Book 13.5, which is a 3000x2000p display with 480 nit brightness and a 1800:1 contrast ratio.

There are a lot more options at 13.3" 16:10, which is about 0.05" wider and 0.44" shorter including a 2880 x 1800p OLED from Samsung, so if Framework had gone with 13.3" 16:10 there could have been alternate screens that might have worked.

With the Framework 16 there are plenty of displays with matching dimensions that may be of interest. I listed several options from BOE here (since BOE is Framework’s screen supplier I suspect those are the most likely to work as a drop in replacement), however there are also other options such as a 3840 x 2400p OLED from Samsung.

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0.05" / 1.27mm wider? I’m sure one could make that fit. On the left and right sides, it looks like there is a plastic surround around the magnets that could be cut or filed down to gain 1.27mm.

I read on the other thread that samsung oled use a different pinout, different voltages. So even if it dropped right in physically, it wouldn’t work.

0.0457" / 1.1607mm wider to be precise.

13.5" 3:2 is 11.233" x 7.488".

13.3" 16:10 is 11.278" x 7.049".

13.3" is a common size for 16:10 displays for the same reason as 13.5" is a common size for 3:2 displays: Both are slightly wider than a normal laptop keyboard.

The data I’ve seen for the Samsung panel do not elaborate beyond “eDP”, but I bet it’s possible (although not easy) to create a compact conversion board that converts between the different pinouts and voltages as necessary.

I doubt that anyone will do it, however this community is not to be underestimated.

Just keep in mind, while the samsung oleds use the same 40pin edp connector as the lcds, it has a very different pinout than them and has different power requireements.

Kinda blew up a t480s main-board that way (mostly fixed that later but boy was that ugly).

Conversion board would definitely be necessary (level shifter for some of the control lines, buck converters for panel + and - and well converting the pinout) but also relatively simple, it would have to be done though and since all of the panels I know of are too big for the 13 I have put that project on ice for now.

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Reviving this thread to encourage you to keep digging. I’ve now spend too much time this rabbit hole, and someone in one of the threads pointed out that the HP Spectre x360 has a 13.5" 3:2 OLED screen.

This laptop: HP Spectre x360 2022 OLED has a Samsung SDC4160 oled screen that is of a dimension that will fit the FW13.

I’m not great with circuit boards, but the main problem I have with this is that there are no listed suppliers or datasheet, and most OLED screens seem to come as an assembly of the whole bezel + digitizer + screen.

Hoping you will take up the OLED mantel - would be happy to work on this with you if you’d like.

There are three dimensions not two. What about the thickness ??