On off button

Finally got set up. First couple times starting up, the on/off switch on the upper right would have a light come on when pressed. Now that I think I have things working enough to start using it day to day, the switch light never comes on. Am I just being over cautious?

Can you clarify? When I press the button 95% of the time it flashes white, boots, then stays (very bright) white while in use. 5% of the time it flashes red briefly and I have to press it again (something to investigate later). I’ve never pressed it, the machine turns on, but the power button does not also stay illuminated.

For me, I had problems with the wi-fi module. Stiff hands and bad eyes apparently. I opened and closed the puter multiple times. When I powered up, the button usually came on , white, blue in color. I had a problem with memory modules not working. Put in a claim and waited about a month and got mad and ordered the exact chip from amazon. They came in, installed them, had the usual problems with the wi-fi unit black and white wires to the antenna coming loose, got that working, got the dos and framework stuff installed, and since then, the power switch does not light at all. Haven’t been doing much with it, I have to get hold of Corel with a question and hope to be using it as a portable soon. I guess after typing chapters, my power button light just doesn’t come on at all after messing with other things for a while. But I can use the machine with out the light.

Everything else works normally?

LEDs are pretty fail-resistant. I’m looking to intentionally disable my light because it’s so very bright. However, if it fails unexpectedly, I’d still be worried about something more significant.

Do you ever plan to use the fingerprint reader?

So is that why the powerbutton light doesn’t come on? If the reader will bypass the other sign in methods and take you straight to a working computer, I would be tempted to try it out.

I’ve not bothered to get my fingerprint reader working. However, from other posts, I gather it absolutely should still be lit. Unless you used some of the Embedded Controller guides to intentionally modify your power button, it sounds like a failure. I suspect that may also result in your finger print reader not working in the future, and you’ll miss the status lights the computer displays with the light. However, apparently it’s booting fine.

It’s possible a wire got pinched or knocked when you were putting it together. It’s also possible a part just broke.

For ME I would do the following:
-open and check for knocked or pinched wires, and any sign of damage
-unplug and replug the button to the mobo to ensure a tight fit
-if it’s still acting out, call support

But if it’s working fine for you and you don’t expect to use the fingerprint reader, it may be less hassle just to keep using it as is. Like I said, the button brightness is INTENSE.