Once next gen mainboards come out, will priority be selling them in new machines or selling them solo as upgrades to current users?

I know this isn’t really an either/or question and that Framework will want to sell both new computers and upgrades to their earlier adopters, but given the size of the company I’d assume that they won’t have the bandwidth to release both upgrade boards on the marketplace and new computers at the same time, and that whichever becomes available second will likely take a couple months. Which seems more likely to come first?

It seems like a good thing to keep an eye on as other companies start releasing 12th gen intel processor laptops later this month. Obviously nobody will likely comment on this any time soon but I imagine FW will want to do the same thing soon?

This is all speculation, since Framework have not even said IF they have plans for new mainboards now or in the near future. I would think that Framework would try to somewhat evenly split mainboards between the two stores to start to get an idea of the demand for each, then adjust accordingly. It also seems that they could build up less into full computers to start, and pull boards from the “not in a computer” pool if demand for full machines is higher than they expected. I also think that there is enough time, and hopefully Framework has enough funding that they would try to avoid having to prioritize one of the two stores, but it will be an internal decision that they will have to make if they ever choose to make new mainboards, so I hope they’re able to balance it out well.