Will Amd Ryzen MainBoard be different compared to intel MainBoards

Im wondering if there will be a difference because it would be kinda bad for upgrading to an amd mainboard it would be smart if it was the same mainboard size instead of it being different

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This question can’t be answered at the time. We don’t even know if there will be a AMD mainboard. We can assume that if the Framework team plans to release an AMD mainboard, that they will try to keep the format the same, but the AMD mainboard might have different interfaces or might require a different cooler, so that might not be possible.

So we can’t guarantee anything. Framework themselves won’t make statements about products that haven’t been announced for obvious reasons.

(Edited post on request to make it less rude. Rudeness wasn’t really intentional, but these kind of speculative questions that can’t be answered without a crystal ball get out of hand sometimes…)


Framework is committed to this form factor:

and have released an upgraded mainboard (Intel 12th gen) with the exact same form factor.

If they were to release a mainboard in a different form factor, all existing Framework laptops would be obsolete and incompatible. That would anger customers and would invalidate their mission to be sustainable - their laptops would not be reusable at all.

Their intention is to make this mainboard form factor an industry standard and develop an ecosystem around it. The designs are open sourced:

so future mainboards will follow this form factor.

As for AMD, the company is definitely aware of it (look at all the posts). There must be reasons why an AMD mainboard has not been released, but Framework wisely does not announce anything until it’s actually in production. So we don’t know the reasons why and can only speculate. There has been some good speculation, especially recently: Desperately Missing - #20 by lhl (my personal guess is that this is the most accurate reason) but it remains just that, speculation.

We can guess that Framework wants to sell AMD mainboards (and RISC and ARM as they’ve stated) but they’re not - there must be reasons why and we simply don’t know why.


While all this is speculation as @Jonathan_Haas already said, I’m sure the Ryzen mainboard is going to be the same form factor as the Intel 11th/12th gen ones, if humanly possible :slight_smile:

I’m currently waiting for a i7-1260p Framework laptop, but I do hope Framework will eventually release a Ryzen 7000 mainboard, which I’d definitely upgrade to :slight_smile:

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