Ordering Options for Back-to-School "Tax Free Holiday"

I am hoping that Framework is able to have their ordering system able to invoice for “back-to-school tax free holidays” later in the year. This is a significant savings for folks that are dropping $2K+, for me that would be 10% off on a full system.

I’m sure a lot of folks know this too and wait till their state’s tax-free holiday to upgrade their laptops. If Framework is following, please make this happen!


You can now generate an invoice in the orders tab.

@TheTRUEAsian Interesting, I wonder if it will automatically remove the “sales tax” depending on the location (presumably shipping address). Different states will have different tax-free weekends. Amazon, Dell and Microsoft are able to do this in the past. I guess we’ll see!

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Here you go!
Calendar for Tax Holidays
Lucky some :grinning: - NY has none :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you live in NY, it might be worth it to get it invoiced to family or a friend that moved to Florida and then pick it up when you head south for the holidays. :slight_smile:

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They haven’t in the past. That’s quite a bit of development burden for such a small company to do, especially for something involving legal compliance. Framework has less than 50 employees globally, so comparing them to Amazon, Dell or Microsoft, all of which have multiple orders of magnitude more resources, is not a reasonable expectation.


Maybe, or maybe not…it is a significant amount of money (a bit more than 10% of the cost of a fully decked out system). Well, I’m putting the question out there and if Framework actually reads this post, here’s for hoping. I’ll say a LOT of folks going back to school and college (and regular folks) wait for tax-free season to do their laptop buying.

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