Making Returns

Has anyone have success making returns? I emailed support and have not heard back. Framework return process is very odd, there are no automated process like every other company. This is making me hesitant to buy any future products. Also wonder if their process is 30 return from date purchased or emailed requesting for a return. If it’s from date purchased, I hope people don’t try to return near last minute, because so far they do not return your email request within 48hrs.


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I made a successful return earlier this year because I made a mistake with my laptop selection. It was relatively painless.

I imagine they will have a bit of grace because of their slower response times but it is 30 days after the date of shipment.

Here’s a link to their shipping FAQ.

Their terms and conditions also say this:

Orders placed from November 16th, 2023 through December 10, 2023 may be returned through the later of January 10th, 2024 or the date from our standard return policy.


That’s very interesting. I’ve used their support return form and also emailed support directly. 3rd day of no response still.

Also, just tried calling their support number: +1 (415) 475-3769 and it said “we don’t have a phone support system - good bye”, LOL, wth would you list it under your support contact. Super weird. I would advise anyone buying something that they aren’t sure about.

Their support is backed up at the moment. Their responses are delayed at the moment. This isn’t ideal and can be frustrating, but I certainly wouldn’t take a slow response at the moment as an indication that they won’t get back to you.

Just wanted to let people know I’m still waiting for my refund. Because of how slow their support and return is, I decided to cancel my framework 16 pre-order. If something goes wrong, I can foresee how it will be a painful process to get support, refund or exchange.