Inquiry About Laptop Preorder Wait Times and Black Friday Promotion

Dear Framework Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to you with a few questions about laptop framework products as I am considering making a purchase. I have heard great things about Framework laptops and I am excited about the prospect of owning one. Before making a decision, I would appreciate some information regarding two aspects of your products.

Firstly, I understand that I need to pre-order a laptop. Could you please provide me with an estimate of the typical wait time for a preordered laptop to be delivered? This information would help me plan my purchase accordingly.

Secondly, I am currently on a tight budget (I’m a student) and with the upcoming Black Friday event, I’m wondering if Framework plans to offer any promotions or discounts on laptops during this time. Knowing this would assist me in determining the best time to make my purchase while staying within my budget.
Hoping to read your response soon as possible,

To 1: If you need a laptop right now, you can get a framework 13 Intel. These are available directly. For the others, if you order one, it tells you your batch and when it is supposed to ship.

To 2: Framework doesnt do discounts, except for older hardware. IIRC the reasoning is, that they dont want you to buy a laptop, just because it is cheaper right now, but only if you really need to buy a new laptop.


Just to expand on what devryd said above:

You can currently buy a 13" Framework laptop with a 13th generation Intel processor without a pre-order. They are ready and available to order.

If you want a 13" Framework laptop with an AMD processor, they are currently taking pre-orders, but hope and plan to be beyond the need for pre-orders by the end of this year. In other words, by early next year, they expect the AMD variants to be in stock and ready to order without a pre-order.

If you want a 16" Framework laptop (currently, AMD processors are the only option), they are only available for pre-order at this time, with estimated delivery times (if you place a pre-order right now) as far out as quarter 2 of next year.