Outdoor Winter Usage

I’m using this laptop for my research, and we’re trying to do things outside. However, I’m worried it’s too cold outside for me to use my laptop. I live in Northeastern US so the temperature is now regularly around mid 35 deg. F (1.7 C). Looking at the user manual that came with my laptop, it says the operating temperature is 41F - 95F (5C - 35C) and storage -13F - 113F (-25C - 45C). What can happen if I take my laptop outside when it’s 30 some degrees (-1C - 4C)? If I’m careful and turn off the laptop and let it acclimate when bringing it back inside, am I safe from condensation concerns?

Edit: Added Celsius for those who have finally been able to join the rest of the world.

After using google to translate that into °C, I think it should be fine. Its a small difference and I dont know what should go wrong. Of course you should be careful with condensation when bringing it back inside, that being said, I had no problem bicing to university with my laptop when it was around freezing and then using it directly.

@devryd hanks for feedback! I think my post might have been a little ambiguous though, so just to be clear, I want to use my laptop outside while it’s cold. When I’m talking about turning it off, I mean I would turn it off after using it, then bring it inside and wait before turning it back on.

I think that should be fine. It is possible, that you have a little less battery while being outside, since piion batterie dont peoduce as mich Power in extreme low temperarures, but I dont think it will make a huge difference. You are not that far below the temperatur framework said is viable. The only Thing you have to worry about, as you said before, is condensation when taking it inside.

By the way, thanks for adding temps in °C

Many years ago I worked at a pulp mill. We were working on a near infrared wood chip moisture meter and it required a laptop to be connected to it at times. The chip belt area was unheated.

This was an old (even back then!) Pentium III laptop.

I remember taking it out there at -40°C. The only things that happened were:

  • the battery didn’t last long, it needed to be connected to AC power at all times

  • the screen refreshed comically slowly. I’m talking ~15 seconds to change what’s displayed on the screen. You could actually see the pixels slowly changing…If I was patient and worked slowly it was fine.

The laptop worked fine otherwise and suffered no permanent damage. Screens must be better today but batteries would be about the same.

Just be careful of condensation as you mentioned.