Keeping the Framework Cool whilst in a bag

I have a use case in which I need to generate braw proxy media whilst commuting from the video shoot to the workshop at home. If I can achieve this, then it would save me almost 1 extra day of editing my videos. Whilst I’m fairly sure the framework can perform the task I know that it is definitely going to overheat in the bag.

Therefore are there any clever solutions to keeping a laptop cool while in a bag? I’ve been thinking about using instant icepacks however I’m not sure how much BTU a framework will output over the course of 1 battery discharge.

To clarify: you want to upload video while you’re in transit from one place to another, correct?

How are you commuting? I assume you’re not driving: if you were you could just take the laptop out of its’ bag and set it on the passenger seat… So, public transportation?

I don’t think ice packs are a good idea: they tend to get a lot of condensation as they warm up, and the moisture definitely wouldn’t be good for your laptop.

If you need to keep the laptop in a bag, you might try rigging a fan into the bag to forcibly exhaust the waste heat. This could require some experimentation to get the right airflow, but it needn’t be very expensive…

I’m converting video files and uploading them while in transit from one place to another, yes.

Let’s assume public transportation (i.e. the bus) I won’t have the option of “putting it on a seat”.

Could I use dehumidifier agents with the ice packs to control moisture?

I can’t think of a solution that could exhaust the heat from the bag since I have no idea how much heat needs to be transferred anyways.

Does anyone know the BTU of a framework laptop at “full power”?

Why does it need to be in a bag to begin with?

e.g. Too Cheap To Buy A Bag? Wrap A Band Around Your Books With The Book Belt

…or this, you have have two Framework Laptops with you (vertically):

…using the laptop as partial body armour as well…LoL.

…while you’re at it, if you’re also a frequent gym goer, you can fit your workout into the commute as well:
Plus a 12v battery on the go.
Plus a dolly.

Let’s assume, all 55Wh of it.


This is such a bad idea in so many ways. 1) How are you maintaining a completely stable connection while traveling? 2) Is it worth saving a day from your process while a running a very high risk of destroying your equipment?

Also how much data are you pushing and what is the speed of your connection? My guess is alot and nowhere near fast enough to make a real difference.

I might already be wearing my camera holster so adding another one would be too much.

I won’t be able to take that battery on a plane as the IATA won’t let me carry that much LiPo power with me on a plane (since I’m already carrying a 100Wh power bank and then some).

TCP/IP? It’s up to the sync technology to perform the necessary checksums.

That’s what I’m trying to asses, the risk. I can’t carry bags of ice on a 6-hour shoot because they will be warm water by the time I get around to using them. Therefore, chemical ice packs. They will only form condensation if the temp gets to the dew point. If I balance the size and number of packs with the thermal output of the laptop condensation will never form. Also, a large ziplock bag should keep additional moisture from getting in.

Thought your commute was on a bus… Now we know, it’s air bus LoL…

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You might want to consider video processing via iPads then… Where energy efficiency is key and engineered to be fanless.

It’s another one of those situation of “It can…but should it” kind question. Framework Laptop can process your data, but it doesn’t seem to be the candidate given the other criteria.

:smiley: I say a bus to mean that it is not convenient to have it outside the bag and “on a seat”. Basically, the laptop would be “on my person” =>


On your person…but not on the person at the same time?

You can grab the Pelican 1085, and cut out the entire bottom top-edge corner section for ventilation.


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Well that explains it. Upload does not equal sync.

That’s an interesting option. A bit of work but plausible.

I’ve given that some thought as well. Get an Ipad and run Resolve on it. I might even be able to write the requisite C# application that I was intending to write to perform all the necessary operations without me needing to babysit it; hence the laptop running windows and not IOS. I’m also considering the new LattePanda 3 Delta as an embedded way to process the data, since I would already have a battery bank “on my person” powering it should be less of an issue.

And apparently black magic tweeted recently that I should be able to do everything I need in this use case.
But I suppose this would be off topic. And this solution doesn’t help me in the shoot I have this weekend so…

Cut a hole in the bag? Such that the cooler can intake through the holes in the bottom of the laptop and exhaust through the exhaust ports near the display? Or maybe put it in a mesh bag to do the same thing?

A mesh bag?

or if you need some straps:

Well, I acquired the IPad and Davinci Resolve for the IPad. Unfortunately, it gives an error when I try to generate the proxy media. I suppose my only hope now is that Blackmagic Design updates it to support that (before June).