Overheating in Performance Mode in W10

I’ve been running W10 under performance mode when rendering videos of about 1 hour each. The framework laptop would get loud (fan) and would get pretty hot but nothing truly significant.

Yesterday, I was rendering another 1hr video the same way as always. Then I started smelling burning plastic. The laptop got so hot I could barely touch it. I immediately placed it on top of the A/C vent in order to cool it down.

Any reason for why it go so hot and how to prevent this in the future other than disabling performance mode (which I actually need to use)?


Edit: the laptop was on the same desk as always, nothing was blocking the vent/fan. Basically, “all else equal” that I could see, except this time the laptop smelled like it was melting.

See if anything has melted:
Piece of mainboard partially melted - Community Support - Framework Community

While you’re at it, you should definitely contact support. Burning plastic is not expected and you could have hardware issues as mentioned in the previous response.