Overheating like no tomorrow

My 11th gen i7 overheats and throttles. hwinfo64 shows that I have multiple instances of the CPU package and IA Cores hitting 104C. The Package/Ring Thermal Throttle sensor was tripped. As was the Core Thermal Throttle sensor.

Hell, the WD SSD was hitting 62C…insane for an SSD.

All this on Windows 10.

This laptop has to sit on a cooling pad 24/7 so as to not overheat and shut down.

Fixing to try a TIM swap.

  1. You should probably upgrade to Windows 11 for better hardware compatibility in general, 2) Verify your fan is working, and 3) definitely replace the thermal paste. Definitely sounds like a bad paste job.
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ill switch to Linux before I move to W11. I tried W11 on this laptop before…no dice

And the fan does work. I can hear it like a jet engine right now.

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Well then I recommend you try Fedora 37. I understand the Windows 11 hate, I felt the same way about Vista…have not had WIndows on any of my non work machines in 12 years…and now I don’t even have it installed on my work machines. Good luck. If you can get yourself a hold of some Honeywell PTM7950 I highly recommend it. Paste it, and forget it. Thermals are great with it and it is easy to apply.

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im fixing to apply Noctua NT-H1

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