13in AMD 7840U Issues

Anyone else just have their AMD 13in just “die” on them?

Current Setup:
AMD Ryzen 7 7840U
Windows 11 Pro 23H2
64GB RAM - Kingston FURY (KF556S40IBK2-64)
4TB NVMe - WD SN850X
Batch “1”

I finally got this laptop back in Oct, yet in Oct/Nov, I contacted support due to overheating issues that would just cause it to shut down. Changed out the thermal paste (the original was very basic) and got it working for about another 2 months, then the fan went, finally got the replacement (after about 3-4 week of support/troubleshooting/delivery) and then a week later, it doesn’t even post (with no codes either) after multiple mobo resets/BIOS default re-settings/re-imaging/RAM change out/SSD change out. Is the AMD laptop just doomed to be short-lived and potentially unstable (maybe just do to the extra performance)?

Hi @Danny_Goff,

Sorry to hear about your FW13 AMD board having issues. There has not been an exceedingly large number of people having issues with the AMD boards since they came out. The FW16 has a few quirks; however that is a newer board layout all together.

You have a nice maxed setup going for your machine! Maybe ask support to replace the whole board being as it exhibited issues early on. A great aspect is they can just ship the replacement board and it is relatively easy to change out thanks to their whole design. Let us know how it turns out.

@Destroya has been following a lot of topics and it is good feedback for Framework to know what is going on with their units in the field.


I’m in the middle of this right now with my AMD3 7640U just 2 weeks after receiving it. Support has engaged me now and we’re going through it. The only DIY I have on it is a WD Black SSD - the 5600 32GB ram is from Framework.

This is concerning to me and am seriously considering returning it as I’m still within the 30 days of initial receipt.

Here’s my ongoing post if you want to follow:

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Please contact our support team, there might be an issue with your mainboard.

Thanks and I have, just going through the long troubleshooting process (which gets frustrating, but totally understandable). This is my 3rd frame.work laptop (Gen 10 & 11 here as well :slight_smile: )

Thanks and I’m still in “troubleshooting” after the last 3 weeks…and without a functioning laptop. Still wondering if this is even worth it…my lenovo is still running without issues (but it is intel…might be just the chipset).

Sorry to hear that Danny, we had a small backlog in the support queue and some of our replies were delayed, I see that some of your replies were delayed as well, the troubleshooting definitely should take less than a month ;( hope you can solve the issue real soon.

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