Panel for full size arrow keys / insert / delete etc

I (and probably many others) don’t have much use for a numpad module, but would love a module that houses the keys usually found between the numpad and regular keys on full size keyboards. That is, the area housing the full sized arrow keys, insert, delete and such. Very useful both for editing documents, gaming, development and similar.

PS! Would also prefer if the Windows / Super key was replaced by for example the framework logo or similar, not needing separate keyboards for linux vs windows.


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Others have asked for this. TKL (tenkeyless) keyboard. I imagine if there is enough demand, we might see TKL module eventually, either from Framework or a 3rd-party. But in the meantime, a macro pad can be programmed for this (or anything else you wish).


Its not the same but you could go with the macropad and program all these keys where you want it.

Its powered by QMK so its functionality is basically infinite and you can change positions to put the ones you need most at your fingertip

I also want this, and will be using the macro pad to enable it until a proper TKL panel is available.

I also want the split backspace position as seen on the Sun UNIX and Happy Hacker layouts, but I don’t expect I’ll ever be able to have that.

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Tbh the TKL could never arrive, since the demand is so low. From an economic stand point of FW, it doesnt make sense to develop it.

You or the community could develop it and i think that is and will be the way to go.

Many people are helping or offering their help or you could even just adopt other solutions.

I’d be even more interested in a halfwidth macropad as discussed in Macropad small input module, but I feel like that’s not so likely to actually happen.

How can I appeal my demand for this? I am considering buying a new laptop including framework laptop and this is key feature for me.
As far as I know, only HP produces 80% standard TKL layout laptop.

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You could post here Feature Request Megathread

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Thank you! I have noticed that other one wrote similar request two weeks ago. I am happy to know that I am not alone.

@MJ1 you linked @kla to a FW13 feature request thread, not FW16. Looks like lots of people are putting FW16 requests in that thread anyway, but then you said macropad doesn’t apply since it’s in FW13 subforum.