Piggyback / backpack case extension?

Hi, just found y’all and am very excited – have wanted this kind of laptop for ages!

I searched briefly, but didn’t see one extension idea I’d really like: Essentially a docking station with the same form factor, so it can just snap/clip/bolt/magnetize onto the bottom. A little like LINEDOCK 13" | MacBook Pro 13 Docking Station does.
Best thing is that it doesn’t require changing anything in the existing design.

It could easily connect to one of the existing expansion connections, and provide space for swappable “big” add-ons. Like a big or hot-swappable battery, DVD drive, or even a GPU card for gaming. Probably a fan, too. Point is to give people more space to customize.



That’s great. It’s like one big expansion card, that also fits many standard expansion cards and other things that cant be fitted in standard expansion cards. Good to know @Steven_DeRose