Pinout + footprint of the Framework 16 battery?

I’m back to working on a custom laptop project and am still figuring out the case modifications required to get things going.

Ideally, I’d be able to toss a 61whr battery in there plus one extra of the same capacity in a framework-made USBC enclosure, but that enclosure seems to have been put aside (with good reason, I know–there’s a lot happening and the teams are small).

My questions about the 16’s battery were kindly answered during the last livestream, but I have some more that I’m hoping to get answered.

I assume the new battery has the same chemistry and maybe even the same BMS as the one in the 13 (since both have 4 cells–the 16’s are just larger). If this is the case, perhaps the pinout of the 16’s battery could be adapted to that of the 13.

Anyone with more info willing to share whether or not I’m on the right track? Alternatively, perhaps we could get an update about the USB-C enclosure for the 13’s battery–which would be much easier to work with? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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