Please stay in business for at least 2 years

I know this topic is strange but I wanted you to know that your business is SORELY needed in this right-to-repair fiasco currently going on and wanted so very badly by so many for so long!

I’m on my 6th Alienware/Dell high-end laptop where every one was over $5,000. I’m not saying it to brag but to explain the reason you are needed. Dell has always had a minimum 4-year warranty available so buying high-end systems made sense on a per year cost. Yes, they use used parts but they always come to the house to repair and halfway through the warranty cycle when the laptop would fail from thermals, I’d get a NEW upgraded maxed out laptop so essentially getting two brand-new laptops in 4 years because parts were no longer available on the old system.

Where your company changes the game for me is that I can repair it if it breaks WITHOUT the need for a long-term warranty. Since Dell was the only one that offered such a long warranty, I’m now free to purchase your laptop and repair it when a component fails with ease. I can also upgrade with ease (hopefully) and sell the used working parts back to you to resell to others cheaply that have failures and don’t want to upgrade. I KNOW this will work long-term and I’m due to buy another laptop in 2 years so I’m hoping you will be around for me to buy my next high-end laptop from you to support this wonderful idea. I just wanted you to know you have supporters that may not buy immediately from you but will as soon as we can and the need arises. Hang in there. You have NO IDEA how badly we want you to succeed and NEED you to succeed to change the gaming/computer landscape.


As I am gearing up to get my Framework sometime soon, I can’t help but share the same sentiment as well. I want Framework to succeed honestly. I have a 4 year old Lenovo Yoga right now and I just couldn’t get myself to get a brand new laptop. I came very close to buying a new one but just couldn’t answer the question “do I really need a new one?”, followed by “what’s wrong with the one I have?” – the processing power isn’t enough anymore for my daily needs. It’s the only reason I want to change my laptop. There is nothing else wrong with my current laptop which is a bummer from an electronics turnover perspective.

I realize others may not share that same viewpoint and actually enjoy getting an entirely brand new device. I will admit there is a certain joyful feeling that comes from that. I know I have enjoyed that in the past. For those people, I still hope that Framework is able to offer something through resale or a buy-back program of sorts. I am sure people will try to sell theirs on other marketplaces as used laptops but it would be nice to see Framework taking a serious interest in being the first place people consider trading their old devices for the new.

I absolutely love the idea of upgrading to a next-gen motherboard/CPU in the future but I want to get to that point in the future with my Framework laptop and for that the company should exist :smiley:. That’s really the convincing factor for me. I am hoping to see more development happening on that front that really solidifies that future.

Hmmm, I think they do know how badly we all want this! And 2 years? Heck, I expect them to go for 2 decades!


One can definitely dream that this company will succeed in its mission and reshape the way consumer electronics are viewed permanently!


The LTT video on the Framework explains their business model, and how they plan to stay in business for a long period of time;

TLDR; Parts, and enthusiasm, and the knowledge that framework will be able to surely deliver expansion cards.

That’s not to say that other people will make and sell them, but that Framework can provide a primary supply line for upgrades, repairs, and extensions. Imo there’s no fear here, as, if it takes off, Framework has to stay competitive with pricing in their own ecosystem, as other people will surely pick up on this and start selling parts too, so it’s a win-win all around.


Want them to be around for at least 2 years? Support them by buying the hardware they offer today, not the hardware you[1] want a year from now.

There are so many threads from folks asking for hardware features that don’t exist yet, and that may or may not be on Framework’s roadmap. This is useful feedback for certain, but I suspect also represents a lot of missed opportunity to support the company as they’re growing and hoping to keep the lights on.

[1] I’m speaking of the generic you, not necessarily the OP.


@obfuscurity Even more so, you can take this dip now with a lot less fear compared to the future because, whatever will come in the future… you can just upgrade, it’s a lot less likely you’ll need to swap out the entire laptop.

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@Philipp_D That’s exactly why I didn’t wait, although I expect there to be a higher chance of major revisions that limit backwards compatibility to the earlier versions.

Agree 100% with the recent responses - that’s why, despite lacking some “wishlist” features like trackpoint, touch screen, AMD processor, even stylus support - I invested in the laptop. I get 95% of the functionality anyways, none of those individual items are dealbreakers considering the frankly massive upside of having a device that I am comfortable knowing I truly own, and have full control over the hardware and software that is in it, both present and future.


I think all of us early adopters are cognizant of some of the tradeoffs we’re making by investing early, but for me, showing initial support and helping establish the company and marketplace liquidity was important.

I’m just hoping they have an easy upgrade path for us early batch owners who may want to upgrade to take advantage of platform upgrade paths that are blocked based on generational differences.


The issue is if they’re making any real margin on the hardware they’re selling today. They need to sell other stuff that makes actual money to keep the lights on. If i buy a laptop at near cost they don’t make much money.

I pulled the trigger and am happy with my Framework laptop.

What pushed me over the edge was this mindset…if Framework isn’t around in 2-3 years for me to buy new parts to upgrade my laptop…it’s not any different than buying a (insert traditional manufacturer here) laptop.

I’m guaranteed not to be able to upgrade a laptop from another manufacturer, but with the Framework laptop, if they do stick around, I get the added benefit of being able to upgrade.