Bulk purchasing

The company I work for is always ordering Dell laptops for new acquisitions. The laptops we’ve been working with are difficult to open and repair/replace internals on our own. Dell support is awful so we hate having them fix anything. What’s the outlook like on these products that they could be used to order maybe 20 at a time for imaging and deployment?


@Zachary_Spriggs , you, sir, are not the only one waiting for this.

Thinking of the enterprise, they really need to iron out the little ‘issues’ with the first batches.

That said, I’m waiting on mine to come in (Batch 3) so I can test and get it in front of my end user compute engineers for feedback. Bare metal deployment would definitely be one of the things to be evaluated. I know it’s ‘right to repair’ but as an IT manager for an enterprise, I wouldn’t consider it unless longer term support could be purchased. My users are horrible and we use the crud out of our support. It’s not just memory and drives, it’s keyboards, motherboards, etc. that would need coverage. My support budget comes out of expense where my purchase budget comes out of capital so ‘just buy what you need when you need it’ wouldn’t work, at least not for me.

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I’d rather see them open international orders first, although I would love businesses to start using them.


Absolutely… businesses using it would solidify them as a company. Completely agree.

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I’d be interested in seeing what others here think are the biggest product barriers (so exclude backroom deals) for wider business adoption of the laptop.

My shot at the question:

Fit/Finish in its current state could be improved
ECC Memory for clear reasons for those that need it
Kensington Lock Port for IAP conscious companies (I know the company I work for is VERY careful on this front)
Trackpoint? (some business users might complain)
Touch Screen (eliminates some potential use cases, and lots of people like using them)

That’s actually a pretty short list. I’d be curious to hear what others think.