Poor Bluetooth Connection

I am having poor bluetooth reception issues from my Framework to multiple headsets, and I am looking for any recommendations before contacting support. The reception starts failing mostly when I am turning my head, and I can’t get more than maybe 4ft away from the laptop without getting choppy audio.

I’ve had this problem in both Ubuntu 20 & 22 and Windows 11. Hhappens with multiple (3) headsets, and doesn’t happen with those headsets and other systems (e.g., my iPad or phone). I have opened the laptop to reconnect the antennas to the card, but this hasn’t helped.

Drivers are up to date on everything, latest available firmware on all devices, and latest version of Windows.

Just as I am typing this, windows disconnected my headset, currently on my head and then reconnected about 1 minute later while I just sat here typing.

Any other options before I contact support?

Try disabling Wi-Fi as the 2.4GHz band is the same as that for Bluetooth to see if there is an interference.

Interesting idea, I’ll give it a shot but I feel like this would be a significant issue with every wifi/bt card if it was “normal.”

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Also check out the bt_coex_active parameter.