Possibility of fingerprint (1 swipe) for power on AND passthrough to Windows login?

Has anyone figured out a way to do fingerprint authentication from pressing the power-on button, pass through all the way to Windows login even when power on password is enabled?


In my opinion,
Not going to happen.

when you power on, nothing is initialized, so the power switch part is doing just that, starting the process to wake up the computer.

The fingerprint reader would have to have enough energy and smarts to buffer the fingerprint for future usage.
It might happen is a suspend or sleep scenario, because there is still some power in the system.

it may not be an impossible request, but would probably come at a cost of energy, at least.


It actually already works directly from suspend!

Glad it works for those that can use it.

I am old enough that MS-Dos and PC-Dos were new.
My first real ( :smile: ) computer was an Atari 800 in 1982.
I never really learned to trust hibernate, sleep or suspend modes.

I am used to closing everything out and shutting down. And waking up from scratch as needed.

Just call me old school.

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Breaking news (to those not aware): It’s already been possible and done from as early as the ThinkPad W510 from 2010.


And has been implemented on multiple Thinkpad models since then, and other brands too.

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Good, for those that can use it.

Never developed a habit of just closing the computer and expecting to resume.

This is from the powered off state. i.e. It would benefit you, too.

Regarding battery consumption of the fingerprint reader. In the ThinkPad scenario, there’s some smartness to it in conjunction with the lid. Lid closed - don’t power on the fingerprint reader. Lid opened - supply power to the fingerprint reader. (Because you can’t physically reach the fingerprint reader when the lid is closed)

Another post, for reference:

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