12th Gen Problems with USB / Fingerprint Reader


I’ve been having intermittent issues with my 12th gen 1260p Framework laptop on Windows 11. In particular, the fingerprint reader gets disabled after going to sleep mode. Not always, but quite often. The only way to re-enable it is to disable the device in Device Manager and then re-enable it. It does this more often when connected to AC power, and a less frequently when on battery.

Also, I sometimes get an error message that a USB device has malfunctioned. It usually cures itself after a few power cycles and does not seem to affect any of the functions, but still very annoying.

To give credit, I did contact support and we ended up doing the deep battery reset which cured the issues for a few days. But then they were back.

Anyone facing something similar? It doesn’t seem to be a software issue per se, more like a grounding issue, but I’m not electrical engineer.

Continue working with support as this does sound like a hardware issue. Respond on your existing email thread to say it didn’t fix the problem, and they’ll give next steps. Note that support is currently experiencing high contact volumes due to AMD 7040 Series laptops beginning to ship, so responses may be delayed.

Thanks @Morpheus636. I will contact them again and see where this takes us.

An update on this issue. Support asked me to do 1M different things, but nothing worked, apart from one: we disabled Modern Standby!! The registry entry for that is:


You need to create a new DWord and name it to “PlatformAoAcOverride” and set the value to 0.

Once you do that the computer will work on S3 Standby mode only. It’s slower to wake up than before (S3 does not support instant on), but for the past 2 weeks I have not had a single issue with the USB ports or fingerprint reader. It’s a bit annoying when you get used to the speed with which the computer wakes from S0, but I prefer that than having non-functioning devices.