Power Cord Wiring Exposed after 4 months?

Hello -

Just wondering if anyone else here has seen their power adapter just “unravel” at the computer end of the connection?

I always thought the design seemed awkward and not easily situated…but was really surprised to see this…I’ve only used the laptop for 3-4 months straight although I purchased it last September.

Has anyone else had this experience?


You don’t seem to be alone:

And one or two mentions in the official Discord community, as far as I can remember.

I got the power adapter mostly to have another reason to brag with the FW logo, but will probably have to go for a beefier cable.

Thanks for your response - very, very helpful!

Yikes - it seems that they definitely have a QA issue here. What cable are going going to buy? Are the specs such that I can buy a (non-Framwork) power adapter separate power cord?

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FW Power adapter is rated up to 100W, so any cable rated as such should be good, in theory.

Just a personal choice, but have had some good experience with an Anker cable such as this one: New Nylon USB-C to USB-C 100W Cable (10 ft) , but USB-A to USB-C version. If push comes down to shove, I would likely go for that one.

An OG from Discord also mentioned getting an Anker cable:
Not an endorsment, but Anker seems to have a good reputation overall.


Hi there -

I’ve had some other Anker products (I think) - so - that sounds like a good direction.

Thanks so much for the info. It is very appreciated

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I use this cable. It shows the power consumption. It’s not extremely accurate, but I like seeing how fast the laptop (or my phone) is charging at the moment.

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It would probably be a good idea to send a message to support in order to let them know this happened to you. They may be able to get you a replacement or a refund since you haven’t had it very long and that seems like more than just normal wear and tear.


Yes, this also happend to mine after 11 months. I have a support ticket open

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Mine arrived brand new out of the box looking like this. I am trying to get a response from support.

Give them time. They will get to you.
The Framework Laptop 16 has seen an unexpectedly huge demand, and customer questions and order modification requests are putting a big strain on support resources.

Is it? That post says 60W

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The power adapter outputs 60, but the cable has an Emarker and is rated up to 100.


I was contacted by customer service and they are sending a new cable.