Power levels

I wanted to see how much juice the Framework was sipping while Windows was in S0 standby. I was surprised to see it bouncing all over the place but seemed to settle at 12V .6 Amps. This is with a full battery and Windows in standby as mentioned.

However the same Framework was hibernated and I still got the thing sucking the following:

12 volts at .2 amps.

Why? The machine is off, the battery if full, trickle charging a full battery is unnecessary.

Do we have any word on whether or not the S0 situation will be seeing an improvement anytime soon? It seems like Windows is sucking all kinds of unnecessary power.

Please understand I love Framework and even if they said they don’t see a fix on the horizon at all, I’d love Framework.


I came here to say that the power levels were Over 9000!!!

But then I stayed to read your post and I’d be curious if you would get different results with all the expansion cards removed.