Performance plugged in vs battery


I’ve received my AMD 13 (7840u), and have just used the SilverBench online tool in Windows 11.

When I have the laptop plugged in, on Best Performance mode, the scores are a little lower than when using Best Performance on battery power (49108, 49371, 49462 when plugged in. 51181, 50332 on battery).

Any ideas why this is the case?


This might not be useful with such limited information, but I watched a YouTube video where the creator conducting performance testing cmopared to the Intel generations and found the AMD to be very inconsistent when plugged in - he determined this was due to the 65W charger he was using not being quite sufficient for the laptop. Wonder if the same thing is happening here? More consistency on the battery compared to plugged in, even if technically less power.

Yep, very cursory testing.

That’s interesting. I’m using the Framework 65w charger, so will try again with the 100w Anker one coming tonight.

Do you know if the framework USB-C cable can handle 100w or is it limited to 65w?

The framework EC does change APU coefficients based upon the power available from the connected charger, so I do expect more performance with larger chargers.

The product page in the marketplace suggests it can handle up to 100W (20v x 5a)

Let us know how you get on!

On full usage of a Gen12 I also noticed that the battery was draining very little (1-2 percent over 4 hours) with the default power plug. I am very curious if the bigger power supply resolves your issue.

So, doesn’t appear any real difference in SilverBench scores between the chargers (official 65w and Anker A2343 100w). Oddly, battery-only scores are marginally higher than powered. Doesn’t make no sense.

Possibly it’s me/SilverBench not being scientific enough/too many confounding factors.

Some people working on benching FW stuff here.

Incidentally the new charger appears “non grounded” even though in theory has grounding pin, as the case vibrates (unless I’ve misunderstood something) until it is fully charged. The framework charger doesn’t have this.


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I used to have it with my old Macbook Pro. Something about leaking charge into an aluminium case?

Ohhhh you mean the sensation, not actual vibrating

Ah sorry yep the sensation. I’m guessing it’s non-harmful, but slightly annoying?

Definitely. It’s one of the downside of metal cased laptops.