Premorder framework 16 in spain and italy in summer? Or at christmas?

It is one of the doubts, if we can book in summer or we will have to wait for Christmas. In that case, Spanish and Italian users would go to 2024 with the orders.

I’d also love to know what languages the FrameWork 16 will be available in as I’m actually looking for one of the new languages that it seems is in the pipeline but hasn’t even been released for the FrameWork 13 yet. Maybe someone from FrameWork would be kind enough to let us know what countries and languages will be released initially and when additional languages can be expected?

I think (hope) my current laptop will hang on until the end of the year, but with the sound my HDD makes I really don’t want to and most likely can’t wait another year.

At least FrameWork has already contributed to my laptop sustainability because I’ve been getting every last bit of life out of my laptop while I waited and googled “framework larger screen” every other week for the past year. I’m at the point where I’ve had to use duck tape on it so my screen assembly doesn’t fall apart and would have certainly bought a new machine had I not been so keen on getting a FrameWork.

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My current laptop had an hdd too and I changed it to a sata ssd a year ago. Wow, like night and day. I would recommend you do the same, even if it is just for the benefit of whoever you pass that laptop to.

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Im waiting it for spanish market ASAP pls

With preorders now open in other countries, could we get an estimate on when will there be available here? Thank you so much :smiley:

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I also hope preorders for Italy will be open soon.

Do you think maybe in August will be open?

Since getting approved in new countries is complex, it’s hard for Framework to create accurate timelines. So Framework doesn’t give estimates.