Previews of Qualcomm's Snapdragon Laptops for Windows are coming out

The previews of these laptops are coming out.

Not saying Framework should get these. They are an SoC which likely means soldered ram and storage. Who even knows about the Linux support. Still, would be interesting to see an upgrade friendly version of this in the future. The video goes over some tasks that take really good advantage of the NPU.

The Snapdragon has 16 pcie 4.0 lanes in this mobile variant. 8 of which are not actually being used for anything; according to Linus. I wonder if this would make it easier for Framework to port it’s I/O to the USB C expansion ports scheme.

Also, that battery life. As a 12th gen Intel Framework owner; the battery life is terrible.

Also, if Framework could offer a thinkpad or thinkpad-like keyboard option that would be great too.

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Thanks for that

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Wonder if this would eventually kill off x86 in the consumer space.

They are an SoC which likely means soldered ram and storage.

Storage can be replaceable. The new Yoga Slim 7x with the X Elite has an M.2 2242 SSD.
Seems like the ram of other laptops coming with the X Elite out are soldered to the mother board - so I don’t see why it couldn’t be replaceable in theory

Lpddr5x works woth the snapdragon processors, so in theory lpcamm2 should allow for upgradable memory on snapdragon-based mainboards.

Theres even a lenovo device out already with lpcamm2, so its not too far ouside the realm of posibility for framework to come out with an lpcamm2 + snapdragon system. Itd be very in-line with their mission.