Previous Concepts? Question for Framework!

I myself am quite satisfied with the quality and design of the first product released by Framework.

I am curious however… Are there any diagrams, concept art or even pictures of previous designs of concepts prior / different to the final product that was released?

I did notice in the interview with @nrp that he had some older hardware that he kept in the background (as did the interviewer) so I am sure if there was anything else designed prior to the final product that might still be around :stuck_out_tongue:


I watched that interview as well. It was a really good one.

I know I would like to see an early prototype design from before they settled on the current one. Even if it’s just a CG rendering that was never produced, or a 3D printed mock-up of the overall shape.

from How I Built Framework, The Laptop Tackling The Right To Repair - Make:


Thanks @feesh, I never saw this!