Pricing Discrepancy

Hey there. I might sound like a cheapskate. I have a framework diy edition i7-1260 preordered for the October shipment.

While browsing the website, I noticed the pricing difference between the 1240-i5 and 1260-i7 DIY editions is $300. The difference between the cost of the same two mainboards in the marketplace is only $250.

What gives?

I’m not going to cancel my order over it, but just wondering where that extra $50 comes from. There could be a fully reasonable explaination that I’m not realizing. Anyone have any ideas?

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Sales price work on profit percentage :: you can check by asking Framework support

Basic build ~ 750 x 1.2 = 900
Update board ~ 1000 x 1.2 = 1200

So you pay 300 more not 250

The so called profit is spent across the production industry.


Ok. That makes sense if they do a percentage based markup. Thanks for the reply!

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