Primary SSD screw 2mm long?

I’m another one who had a primary SSD screw that wouldn’t come out. The secondary one was fine though I’m not using a secondary drive.
I managed to get the screw out by pulling upward while turning but the screw is only about 1 or 2mm long.
Has it snapped or is it supposed to be that short?
I don’t think there’s anything stuck in the hole though I’d have to check that more carefully.
With the 1 or 2mm thread left I have been able to get it to hold the primary SSD in place though the screw just turns and turns while tightening it which doesn’t feel super secure.
Perhaps I could use the secondary screw instead?
Thank you.

Hey David, you might need some sighted help to confirm this, alternatively you can maybe take some pictures and share them with the support team. if there is an issue with the hole that screw goes in (as reported by some customers here) we might have to replace the mainboard.

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Yes it is that short, but you shouldn’t need to lift it to get it out, and it absolutely shouldn’t spin in place. As Des recommended, you’ll likely need to contact support for a warranty replacement.

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And then check that one as my replacement had the same issue but was not as badly damaged (I believe it was a badly made screw the second time around) so I used the secondary screw from the first laptop before I sent it back. It’s still damaged and framework considered it resolved as it held the SSD in.

Would have been nice to at least get a discount offered on a new motherboard when I come to upgrade in the future seeing as I had it happen twice on a very expensive new laptop and the second one isn’t perfect because of the issue.

As others said, the screw is quite short.

This sounds like the SSD is not sitting right down. There is a little pedestal (for want of a better description) that matches the size of the notch in the end of the SSD. You need to make sure the SSD is pushed properly into its connector and then when the other end is pushed down the top surface of the SSD PCB is then flush with the top of the pedestal. Now you can put the screw in. This is why the head of the screw is so large compared to the diameter of the screw thread, the head has to be larger diameter than the diameter of the pedestal.

Hope that helps.

This sounds like the SSD is not sitting right down.

Thank you Alan. The SSD is slotted over the raise pedistal okay though.

Most likely the thread is damaged like on quite a few other people’s. The primary SSD standoff is only chrome plated brass so it’s very easy for such a fine thread to get damaged by someone in the factory installing the screws or even during initial manufacture of the standoff. It’s a design flaw in my eyes, they should be made of chrome plated steel or stainless steel for such a fine thread. Also the quality of the screws I’ve examined on both the laptops I’ve had varied a lot so this doesn’t help either.

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OK, no problem. From your description it sounded like it might not have been. I have enough problem as a sighted person getting them to sit right :roll_eyes:

Do we know how the thread in the screw hole mounts into the motherboard?
Presumably it’s not removable.