Problem installing Windows with Expansion Card present?

I looked but didn’t see this observation. I wanted to set up a Windows partition for some SDR applications and a few specific games. First time installing went well, but then I had a burp during the Linux install and decided to wipe clean and do over. Uh, in the meantime, I started populating the expansion slots. Windows installation kept crashing, and I was thinking of punting. I’m not a Windows fan, and I’ve done okay for 17 years without it. However, even though I really like this snappy laptop on Linux, the challenge of the Windows install was a puzzle to solve. After several more tries, I removed the storage expansion module. It was all I could think of, and the module was not present when I had a successful install before. Windows installed and runs. For me, Kubuntu did not give an “install beside Windows option” (after resizing the Windows partition. I had to manually format the free space as ext4 and target that partition for the install.

Not a problem, I just thought I would document in case anyone else bumped into issues. The laptop is running great with the storage expansion; Windows just didn’t like the drive present during an install.


Did your expansion card have an EFI system partition on it?

I’ve witnessed this same issue with the windows 10 installer and assumed that was probably the cause.