Processors x86_64

I want to trun the framwork mainborad in to mini pc to run ark server minecraft and other games for me and a group of frieneds aprrently the I need the x86_64 compatabul processors. are any of the main borads work with this

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Both Intel and AMD processors are x86_64 compatible so you can use all mainboards sold by Framework.
When searching for “server” in this forum you will find additional threads regarding using a Framework mainboard as a server.

Good luck and have fun with your project!


Second question do I have to buy ram and storage separately or does the main board come with storeage and ram.

The mainboard comes with nothing as it’s intended as a spare part.
You can get a mainboard kit or a case + kit combo.

Seems like that is currently out of stock I’ll have to wait then

Only the AMD Mainboard Kit comes with RAM, but that is meant as a one-stop-option for upgrading/swapping an Intel Framework to AMD.

You can choose any of the available mainboards according to your needs and source your own storage and RAM, either from the FW marketplace or any retailer in your region.
The only things to consider are form factor of the RAM sticks (SODIMM) and DDR generation (DDR4 for all Intel mainboards, DDR5 for AMD) and speed (basically “not too fast”, I don’t know the exact limitations for each processor/board).
The SSD needs to be a M.2 2280 as long as we only have FW13 mainboards. You should make sure it can operate without a heatsink, if you go for a PCI Gen4. (Maybe the CoolerMaster case has enough room for a heatsink though?)

A case is probably also sensible, if you can’t 3Dprint one on your own

TL;DR: you should definitely be able to buy something appropriate now, except if you are waiting for a specific model, that is currently out of stock or on preorder.

Good to know do you know if it’s possible to connect a second stata SSD ether directly or via SSD and does it have a power switch or is it like the raspberry pie.

Most likely I’ll need make own case some how as I don’t have 3d print and cooler master might not store the second SSD I would like. As I think I need 2 one for the Linux+ swap space and one that stores the games

The mainboard of the FW13 only has the single M.2 slot and no SATA connectors.
You could use one of the expansion slots for additional storage:

But since you plan to use the PC as a server, I think you probably don’t need the small footprint of an expansion card. A normal external SSD probably makes more sense, since they are also quite a bit cheaper than the storage expansion card.

side note: keep in mind, that you don’t need any USB-C expansion cards for your build. the connector on the inside of all cards is already USB-C, so on your stationary server you can directly plug into the mainboard for USB-C. Of course the other expansion cards might still make sense if you need other ports, but maybe you’ll get a big dongle or dock anyways. So if you want to make your own case, you don’t really need to design the expansion slots into it.

If you can get a 3d model of the case you want, there are probably 3d-printing services in your country/region which can print the case for you, usually pretty affordable. Not saying that’s the best option, just mentioning it, so you know :wink:

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