How compatible is framework hardware?

Hi, i was thinking of getting either a framework 13 or 16 since my old MSI stealth 65 died of water damage.

The plan is to take the two sticks of ddr4 from my MSI laptop as well as the SSD into the new framework, and likely installing linux on the framework, ultimately saving some money.

I’m looking to get the AMD CPU regardless of the framework size i choose.

My question is, how can i know if the ram or SSD are gonna be compatible?
Also, I’ve seen that the framework uses DDR5, will it take a major performance hit using my DDR4?

My old SSD and RAM are shown in the picture below

Indeed, as it will simply not work! AMD platform is DDR5 only.

If you want to reuse your DDR4 you’ll have to go with Intel CPU

Im assuming then that “Crucial RAM 32GB Kit (2x16GB) DDR5 5600MHz” would work in the laptop then correct?

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Yes, that RAM kit will work. Also, your old ssd will work however, make sure that there isn’t any corrosion on it and reformat it before using it.

I checked the ssd before and seemed like no corrosion.

What does reformatting it do? It seems that reformating deletes what is on it, which i infact want to keep, or am i wrong?

I also have no way to reformat it, unless laptop ssd can go in a desktop which im also unsure if that is possible.

Since operating systems often compile things for specific processors, it’s generally advised to reformat, and reinstall your OS when switching to a new CPU and bringing over a storage device.
It should boot off the SSD just fine, but once you’ve saved your files, it’s worth it to consider reformatting.

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It will work in a desktop! Desktops also use the M.2 connector for ssds as its more compact and faster than SATA. If you do want to keep whats on the drive you can plug it into your and it will most likely work, its just that there will be a bunch of old software made for your previous laptop. If you would like to keep what is on the drive i would suggest plugging it into another device and grabbing the files from it then formatting it for your new laptop.

Get something cheap like this:

Hook it up to your desktop, backup whatever you want. and then format it.

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That’s interesting. Never heard about that. Where can I find more information? What if I only use kernels from precompiled binary packages and don’t compile my own kernel?

As others have pointed out already, you cannot use DDR4 ram with the AMD board, so when you’re shopping for DDR5 ram here is the list of known-compatible ram sticks.

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