Project CJ64 is Done! Machined Aluminum Enclosure


Amazing!!! THANK YOUUU

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that’s cool, I like how compact it is without compromising the usability

CJ could have productised this if it wasn’t keyboard-specific.

Has anyone tried using the laptop, with the display panel removed…and go with a wireless display implementation of some kind? Essentially using just the bottom half slab?

This works fine. Wireless display though? I don’t think that’ll work very well, no one to my knowledge has done that.

Thinking whether this tech got any improvement since last year:

Oh this would work, to the laptop it’s really just a HDMI port, since all of the communication is done externally!

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Imagine if it housed a battery inside, it’d be perfect for on the go type stuff

At that point, one might just use the Framework laptop with the display panel and hinges disconnected and removed.

Really interested in a larger bottom chassis to house a bigger battery though.


You could but it’d be nice to not have to deal with the small display.