Proper assembly of the trackpad

My DIY’d Framework is working fine except that the trackpad is very “finicky” – it recognizes a click only when I happen to precisely position my finger within a very small area, central (in left-right terms) and a bit “lower” (closer to the user, further from the kbd and screen) than center. Clicks on the vast majority of the trackpad’s area are simply ignored.

I imagine this is due to my making some mistake in properly assembling the trackpad. Any guidance on how to check and re-do said assembly properly? Photos and video showing the proper way the trackpad shd be connected especially welcome! Otherwise the Framework is almost unusable except with an external mouse, impractical in many cases.

Is the cable fully seated?

Try adjusting the tightness of the screws, tighter or looser.

Does it physically click or does it rub instead?

I have the sane problem, I’ll try this and update.

I have been very interested in the framework laptop for a while since I love using linux on the desktop and would like to convert on my laptop as well. One thing that has concerned me (and my only concern keeping me from switching) is the trackpad. I am coming from a Macbook Air M1 (and a MBP 13 before that) and the touchpads Apple makes are the absolute best in the industry.

Are there any plans from framework to provide a haptic touchpad for their laptop? If so, would it slot into the existing laptop or be part of a whole new product?

I feel that but I always use my laptop without a mouse. I have a desktop workstation (very powerful) that I use in my home office with a multi monitor setup. So when i’m around the house (on the couch, sitting up in bed, etc…) or if i’m out and about with it, I always use the touchpad. I’ve tried to use a more keyboard-centric workflow before I started using macs because I hated all the touchpads I used, but in my mind, if i’m having to bend my computing habits to suit my computer, I need a new one.

If you are on linux, you need to disable middle clicks. Install gnome tweaks.