[RESPONDED] Is there a replacement touchpad?

You have to wrestle with it to get it to click on anything. Is there an updated version I can buy? Thanks

Nope, Framework 13 models use the same trackpad. You can try adjusting it which may fix your issue.

Hi @fundingmissions , would you be able to make a video as to the difficulty of using touchpad, if it’s a faulty touchpad then you could have it replaced if it’s still under warranty.

I realized like after an hour of use, that the clicks must be done in the bottom part, but near the middle of the touchpad, not at the bottom left/right corners (like I guess most touchpads do).

Try and see if it makes a different, it’s 100% reliable for me since I realized this :slight_smile:

I guess it’s done on purpose, to allow “click” users to keep their left click and right click fingers closer to each other, i.e. without needing to stretch them out as much.

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I think the physical click functionality of the trackpads is just a hold over. Tap to click is far more prevalent and from a mechanical perspective is ideal. (IE: less wear and tear)

However, for sure follow up with Framework support if your trackpad is not performing as described within this thread.