Protective laptop case

I’ve just gotten my Framework and I want to take it into school, however I’ve heard that when people put them into their bags the screen is easily damaged. I was wondering whether this is an isolated problem and the screen is more robust or it was only a problem in earlier batches (Batch 8 btw), or alternatively if anyone else has found a protective case that fits into a bag without taking up too much space any recommendations would be appreciated!

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Maybe you could make a reference to where you heard/saw that.


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I know that I’ve seen the exact posts you are referencing, but now that I go looking for them I can’t find them!

While I haven’t had these issues because I haven’t been putting my laptop in a backpack, I vaguely remember someone saying that it was more likely if you were putting pressure directly on the screen side of the closed laptop, so it helped negate the issue to face the top of the laptop away from other heavy objects in your bag, and to not place books or other heavy things on top of the closed laptop.

As for bags and cases, I have seen a couple of threads discussing these. This post is about protective cases, and this one is about carrying bags/sleeves.

See Final Payment Capture Failures (UK/FR/DE), Order Processing Notification Email Status, and Framework Laptop Display Damage


Aha! I was wondering why that kept coming up in my searches! Good thing we have encyclopedic mods here to help us out, thank you Fraoch!

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