What is the best way to carry the Framework

I have always kind of questioned this myself. Is it better to carry it along the hinge of the laptop, or the other side? What if you are commuting and the laptop is carried vertical but setting on a floor. This means all the bumps and vibration from travel are bumping it.

Is it better to have it sit on the hinge or where the lid and frame meet (opposite the hinge)?

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My opinion has been different. I would be worried that a bump along the edge where the lid opens could cause the lid to open (obviously depending on how tight it is inside the bag it’s in) exposing the screen to bits of dust etc that could cause scratches or worse. I am definitely a hinge down person.


I’ve always carried my laptops hinge down in my hand because that’s usually the thickest part of the laptop, giving me better grip.


Thanks for all the feedback here.

One of the primary reasons I asked this question was because the Framework Laptop is designed to last; especially the chassis. To that end I wanted to avoid stressing the critical components unnecessarily.

It would be great if a member of the Framework staff could comment on the best way to not stress the hinge, etc. during transport. I ask that, and acknowledge up front that any comment made by the Framework team on the matter does not constitute a guarantee that following their advice will prevent any damage, etc.

That said, I would understand if they still would prefer not to comment.