PSA: Framework Support Status Post-Announcements

Hello friends! It’s that time again!

Framework Support will be under extremely heavy load and will be slightly delayed on response times temporarily while we manage the significant spike in Support contacts. We don’t subscribe to seasonality by adding and then ultimately laying off headcount in quick succession as we invest a lot of time and effort into all of our staff, outsourced or internal, and they are family.

We’ll be back to normal pretty quickly as we’ve grown quite a bit as a Support group, now with a European hours shift, Monday through Friday, to reduce response lag for our European customers. Our globally-focused Support team is still responding 7 days a week and Escalations Support is available Monday through Friday.

Thank you so much for your patience while we respond to inquiries. There’s a ton of excitement from today’s big event, and if you’re new to the Framework Community, welcome, we’re glad you’re here!