OFFICIAL - Status of Framework Support

Hello everyone,

I want to publicly acknowledge that support timelines are getting a bit longer and we’re doing what we can to stay on top of the volume. Support demand has spiked significantly and we’re prioritizing incoming tickets by severity and in the order they were received. The holiday season has piqued interest in Framework and the Framework Laptop, which is awesome, and we’re scaling our support infrastructure as we speak to meet the increased demand for assistance. I am personally training our incoming support staff this week and they will be in the queues answering your inquiries soon. Right now, there’s only a few of us answering your tickets regularly so you’re probably familiar with our handles. If Twist answered your ticket, that was me. In a startup, we all roll up our sleeves to get the job done.

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we scale to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations of a global support team.


Hang in there, we’ll do our best to pick up the slack as a community. :grin:


@TheTwistgibber still waiting to hear back after I sent a ticket through the webform on Saturday.

I’m getting increasingly frustrated that the “Ships within a week” promise you’re making all over your website and social media appears to be a lie and that I’ve received zero communication about why that is or when my order will be shipped.

Hi @DavidG. We do not have active support on weekends. We are a company of 25 people total and our CEO/Founder helps with troubleshooting tickets. We’ve already escalated your ticket to our logistics team for review and they will be checking with our logistics partner to find out what may be going on with your order. We’ll be back in touch with you shortly. Thank you for your patience.