QMK Firmware for numpad

Hey guys, recently I was editing the firmware for the framework 16 numpad and realized that the enter key doesn’t work and is instead mapped to the ./del key and the enter key doesn’t do anything. This is really odd and I thought it was just how I wrote the QMK firmware but I flashed the original and the same thing happens. Any ideas? When I press the enter key it gives me a keycode of 0x0000 and it’s in col 0, row 2.

From what I’ve seen in other threads it seems like that’s the default with num lock off.

I’m wondering if Framework will fix that or if every individual will need to fix it themselves. I’ll mostly have num lock on but I definitely don’t want it to do that if it happens to be off for some reason.

I am aware they do non standard things. In the firmware it says that the + should enable backlight breathing when not in num lock and the enter should do backlight step. However the enter key just doesn’t work at all for me and instead is bound to the period key.

Unfortunately I’m unfamiliar with QMK and it’ll be some time before I get my FW16 (batch 13). It sounds like the default isn’t what it should be. I can only think to try and edit the firmware to do what it’s supposed to do or editing it to function as it would with the num lock off. I hope someone who’s more familiar with QMK can help, or that you figure it out. I’m sure I’ll be back here looking for answers

I just used the keyboard.frame.work link from the thread you linked to fix the problem relatively quickly. Quite strange how the default firmware does that though. Also concerning that VIA doesn’t allow you to like “factory reset” to the original firmware.

Which firmware version did you flash?
I don’t see anything in version 0.2.9 which should be causing it. Enter key is mapped to BL_STEP, and shouldn’t even be passing any keycode to the OS.

I am an idiot and have been using v0.2.2 :skull:

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In your defense, I don’t recall seeing a link to the latest firmware on Framework’s FW16 resource page.

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took me an hour to actually find the keyboard files in the first place because they’re not on the main branch for some reason :sob:


Where did you find them? I’m trying to find the firmware (maybe? thoroughly confused) for the clear ansi rgb keyboard.

If you want precompiled look at the release tags.

But if you are wanting to compile your own, you need to use either one of the tags or the “framework16-keyboards” branch Framework’s qmk_firmware repository.


v0.2.9 is the current release. So that’s what you’d want to use. github.com/FrameworkComputer/qmk_firmware/tree/v0.2.9

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@tagno25 @MJ1 - thank you. Will see if this helps me to get going.

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