Quantum Expansion Cards?

Hi all! :wave: I just heard about this project and it’s a dream come true in my book! I run a small open source, open hardware quantum computing startup, we have a few different designs we’re working on and I’m curious whether that is something this community would be interested in it?

The first hardware product we developed was a hardware RNG (schematics & more @ github.com/Spooky-Manufacturing/QRNG), we tested and validated it in house, later on the DRDO in India replicated the device. It should be fairly straightforward to translate that to an expansion card. This would probably be more useful for scientific, A.I., and security conscious users, although it has a high enough bandwidth for more general entropy operations.

We do have a few more designs in R&D (quantum accelerators for video games, an 8 qubit processor, etc.) we’re working on as well as a collection of software tools and logic gates for automating the design of custom quantum circuits (if you wanted to build your own)

I should add, we use linear optical quantum circuits for our designs, so there is no special cooling or shielding requirements, I’ve literally built and run quantum circuits in my kitchen, the reason LOQC hasn’t had much coverage or funding is it’s more ASIC inclined and grant writers want general purpose.

Anyway, I’m eager to hear your thoughts!


Looks awesome. If you need any help on the software side, I would be happy to help.


This is exactly what I was looking for! If your Expansion Card will come true, it would be great if OpenBSD will be supported.


@Noah_W This is really interesting. Where can I read more about this?

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Probably on their site: