Questions about keyboard feel


I’m currently rocking a old A1370 Macbook Air which has

  • Intel 2nd Gen Core Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 64GB NVME (sort of upgradeable)
  • 1336x768 Display

I obtained this device for free due to a power issue, which I subsequently fixed. It’s currently running Arch Linux, since I can’t stand IOS and generally dislike modern Apple products and business.

The main appeal of this device for me was how small and well done the physical build is. I don’t need anything with much power, as this device is basically a glorified text editor / compiler which I remote my work to a more powerful machine. However, the typing experience is solid and I noticed some similarity in the framework laptop keyboard; at least in visuals. Also the serviceability of the keyboard is important to me, which is great considering how much on a framework laptop can be replaced.

Also, the display resolution is a bit rough, especially when I need to use multiple windows / terminals.

I’m eager to know how the typing experience compares? Does anyone know how close the feel is to a Macbook keyboard.

The position of the keys is less than important ( I can always get a feel for a keyboard eventually ) I’m more concerned with the touch feel and quality of the keys. Do they last? Are there any known issues?

Thanks in advance everyone.

As the first only came out a year ago and then by batches, how long do you want/expect them to last :slight_smile:

Any reason to expect them not to last for ten years but then it’s how may taps can each key take in a period of time ???

I’ve owned a few laptops over the years, and in general the keyboards they come with do not seem to last as long as they should.

I bought an Eluktronics Max-15 last year and already a few keys do not actuate as well and misstroke; and my control key pops off half way all the time. Also the paint seems to scrape off fairly easy.

Obviously, none of these issues are particular to just this laptop. These are common issues I’ve had with laptops in the past, but for the price I paid I’m relatively unhappy with the condition and quality of this keyboard. Otherwise I can wholeheartedly recommend this laptop for whomever needs a really strong high-performance laptop.

I’m not really asking for a very specific time frame I understand it will vary a lot and I’m relatively hard on my keyboards, I’m mostly just asking how they’ve held up personally for whomever has had them.

Better but similar to the 2013 Macbook Air I’ve tried (obviously way better then the butterfly keyboard, that thing is painful). Sorry for the short supply.


Hi I’ve only ever had laptops since 1996, until I bought a Raspberry Pi last year.

I’ve never had an issue with a keyboard. Still have a 20 year old Dell 4150

As far as laptops go, the keyboard is amazing. Nothing beats a proper keyboard with mechanical switches, but compared to other laptop keyboards I have used the Framework design is less shallow. It is satisfying to type on and feels like it will last a long time (I have also broken laptop keys/keyboards over time).

The keyboard on the Framework laptop is unique in how good it is. As mentioned, key travel is significant with it, and this leads to a much more pleasant typing experience. Spacing of the keys is also very good. I have never gotten the feeling that anything on the Framework wasn’t designed to last. The keyboard certainly feels like it would be one of the last things to die. That said, should it die, replacing it is possible and is easy by design.


i switched from a 2015 13" macbook pro and honestly when it comes to ergonomics of the keys themselves, i can’t tell the difference. even the touchpad feels nice.

no idea about the quality of the keys, i guess time will tell.

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The Framework is absolutely the highest quality laptop keyboard on the market.

IMO, I would rather compare the Framework keyboard to an HP laptop, it’s the closest I’ve felt (and that’s not really a close contest; fw wins by a large margin).

As for comparison to a Macbook keyboard, they’re very different. Macbooks are very small travel distance and I personally couldn’t get used to that, but then again I haven’t used a Macbook for any length of time. The keys on some Macbooks are also slightly concave, and Framework’s keyboard has flat keys.

Most people that switch from Macbooks have had complaints about the trackpad with its hidden buttons feeling inconsistent, and I’m willing to agree, but since it’s such a large trackpad that was a sacrifice I was willing to make. You may want to focus more research on the trackpad before you buy.

Regarding your other concerns:

  • The build quality is very respectable
  • Display resolution is perfect for multiple windows

Best of luck in your laptop search!

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What’s the scoring criteria?

For me, it’s subjective. Travel distance, weight, durability, and texture all contribute.

Subjectively, I miss the keyboard on the T23 and T41p…but those are ancient.

…and for super ancient, the Compaq SLT/286 keyboard was fairly decent for its time.

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Aha I miss my old x200 as well, but oh well, some good things must go. :frowning:

I agree with this. I have the Framework and an HP Elitebook 830 G8 from work and the keyboards are similar. The Framework keyboard is definitely way ahead of the HP, while both are way ahead of other keyboards I’ve used.


For baseline / reference: What other keyboards have you used?

Dell Latitudes 7320, other Dell Latitudes 74xx, Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 8. I liked the X1 the most of these, but they were all similar in feel.

Ah…1.5mm key travel…ouch…but that’s the same as the Framework Laptop’s keyboard. The HP Elitebook 830 G8 only has 1.4mm key travel.

I’m guessing it must be a matter of the membrane then…the tactile response, actuation…etc.

I have to admit that I haven’t had too much experience with Laptop keyboards, but I really enjoy typing on the Framework keyboard. The build quality feels pretty good and the keys have just the right feel when pressing down on them. As far as Laptop keyboards go, this is how I think it should be done.

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I can concur on this as I use a HP Elitebook 830 G8 at work too. That being said, I wonder how the Cherry laptop switches feel vs this keyboard. I know switching from my Cherry MX browns to this is kinda obvious.