Questions Regarding Webcam Module (Microphone(s) Mono - 12th Gen - Win 11 Edu)


does anyone know, if there have been any changes between the Webcam Module included in the 11th Gen and 12th Gen DIY Laptops? I can only see one option in the Marketplace, so I assume, they’re identical.

Does it come with two microphones and records stereo? Could somebody please check?

If I remember correctly, the 11th Gen Laptop recorded stereo, yet my 12th Gen DIY Laptop only records mono. I installed the correct drivers pack and unfortunately, it records only mono. One track is silent. I see only 2 channel options in Windows Control Panel. BTW: I’m running Windows 11 Education 22H2.

Also, is there a picture / description of the different parts of the Webcam Module? I assume mic, webcam, ? ?, mic (from left to right).

Thanks for your help.

I can help with the last question. I saw this posted a while back:


Cool, thanks a lot. I did a search, but haven’t found it.

You wrote “microphones”. Does the Webcam module have multiple microphones / record in stereo? Were there any changes between the 11th Gen and the 12th Gen Laptops concerning the Webcam Module?

I still use the 11th gen, so I’m not the right person to answer your other questions, unfortunately.

All I can do is quote the specs. This page with 12 gen specs states that the microphone is stereo.

Stereo 2W speakers
Dual MEMS microphones with hardware privacy switch

I seem to remember reading that 12th gen uses the exact same webcam module as 11th, but I can’t remember where.

I hope somebody who bought 12th gen can confirm.

Thanks. That’s what I read as well.

Unfortunately, I discovered my built-in microphone was recording mono only, so I contacted support. After requesting Control Panel screenshots (which showed 2 channel settings for the mic), the support agent claimed the mic was mono only …

I sent some statements from their website and another person replied and said it was an error and the mic was indeed stereo. I had to disconnect and reconnect the webcam module twice, and the ribbon cable from the mainboard as well. I installed Audacity and sent a requested screenshot of a recording and settings window as proof.

Now I’m waiting for Framework’s reply on how to proceed to exchange the part or other things to test. It would be a shame to sent a great laptop back, just because a small module is broken.

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So any news on the stereo and how to record as such ??