Question about Webcam and Microphone Module

Last week I found out that the microphone array of my framework 13 seems not to work, beforehand I only used a headset for years. My Framework was upgraded to a Ryzen 7000 from a first gen 11gen Intel. Now I see there are 2 modules available in the marketplace, one clearly labeled for gen 11 intel compatibility. Does this mean my microphone array maybe isnt broken but does actually not work with ryzen 7000 or I have the wrong drivers installed?

Both modules should be compatible. The only difference between the 11th gen and the other webcam module that you see is the other one has a few minor hardware optimizations to helps to save a few mW of power. Have you toggled the hardware switch to enable the microphone? If you have already done that, I would recommend checking your app settings, rerunning the driver bundle, and reseating your webcam cable.

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Yes I toggled the hardware switch and checked app settings and tried multiple apps (including audacity), nothing is picked up. I will try reseat the module and cable next.

Do you have any antivirus software that could be blocking microphone access?

No, just normal windows defender.

Where did you get this info they are compatible (forwards? backwards?)? I don’t see anything about what you said on the product page or in the knowledge base. I’d like to read more.

It was previously asked on the Framework discord server about the difference between the two and Kieran responded. I don’t think there’s a KB article however, if you look at the specs, they are pretty much the same.

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Found it. Looks like they are mechanically compatible but no statement on electrical forwards or backwards compatibility. The efficiency improvement is on the order of 2-3mW. For that little difference, it might be worth trying the old version to save almost 50% off.

My guess would be that since no statement has been made, forward compatibility can be assumed, as Framework would have likely announced to anyone upgrading from 11th gen if new mainboards were not compatible with any other old parts.

Seems the webcam module wasn’t broken, but the webcam cable is somehow and audio signal from the webcam module isn’t transferred.

The cable is only part of the complete lid replacement which would cost me another 99 Euros…