Quick Heads Up about Crucial RAM

I’m in the middle of an RMA for a bad stick and their RMA team is trying to help me select a replacement. They flagged two models off the officially approved list as EOL.

CT16G4SFS832A and CT16G4SFD832A

Framework is also not in their registry of boards so their little compatibility tool did nothing. If there’s anything more specific I can tell them about what Framework SHOULD have, I’ll be happy to make sure that gets passed along. (I tried mentioning this to Framework support via email but… I don’t think they were interested.)



I’ve got two 16GiB Crucial CT16G4SFRA32A working fine in my Gen 12 DIY Framework laptop:




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I’ve been running CT32G4SFD832A ×2 from Crucial in my batch 4 i71165G7 with no issues. Hope you are able to get this this fixed.

Have you run memtest86 to isolate the issue?

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The particular stick I had was bad. It did not pass memtest. I am in the process of replacing it and do not need troubleshooting assistance, but I appreciate the gesture.

This is to let people know that Crucial informed me that those sticks (currently on the approved list) are no longer being manufactured.

Meaning that they will cycle out of availability as the existing stock sells out, therefore making it a less helpful suggested or approved item, because it will stop being available sooner rather than later. Hope this makes more sense.