Radeon Super Resolution Borderless Fullscreen Not Working

RSR doesn’t work for me because the Framework laptop display is 2256 x 1504 is pretty much the funniest behavior I’ve encountered yet.

So, the game I play is borderless fullscreen.

The way RSR works with borderless fullscreen is by lowering your screen resolution before launching the game and then upscaling this reduced screen resolution to full-screen resolution.

However, AMD Software/RSR has zero clue of what to lower the screen resolution to, as they probably never made scaling presets for “2256 x 1504”.

I got RSR kinda working by setting Windows to display only on my 2560 x 1600 external monitor, except the screen flashes black whenever I open a game menu or any UI interface.


Given (older versions of) the Microsoft Surface Laptop also shipped with AMD SoCs and a 2256 × 1504 panel (I’ve heard it might even be the exact same panel), seems a bit strange that AMD software can’t deal with it. But what can you do I guees.

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Personally what I’ve done is used a third party application such as Lossless Scaling (which ironically, is an implementation of FSR) to upscale games. You have to do a bit of math with the scale factors get to the right resolution and there are going to be some blackbars especially on the top and bottom but it works pretty well.

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I found Magpie. I think I’ll use that because it’s free and open source. Mostly because it’s free.