Random hard freezes fw13 amd7840u win11

Just to report back that this issue is totally solved for me. And no trackpad jumping either.

Just to add my experiences.

Since I bought the laptop in December 2023, I’ve had a laggy cursor. It lags when using the trackpad and when using a mouse. By lag I mean it takes a little while to get moving, then it ‘jumps’ to where it ought to be and is then fine, until I stop moving it. Then that pattern repeats. It’s very frustrating and makes precise cursor usage almost impossible.

On BIOS 3.03 I got all the same random freezes that are reported on here. Usually the system would lock up, but I could still move the cursor, then eventually the cursor would freeze and I’d either get a BSOD or I’d have to hard reset the laptop. I could get as many as ten freezes in a day, but sometimes none for a week or so. It didn’t matter if the laptop was running on AC power or battery, or what I was doing on the laptop.

I updated to BIOS 3.03b and that seemed to cure the freezes, but not the lag. Until earlier this week when, despite running the latest driver package, I had three freezes within about 30 minutes. I’ve now updated to 3.05 and I’m waiting to see whether it freezes again.

Support have had me run all sorts of memory diagnostics (all clear) and reset the mainboard. I just want a laptop that I can rely on not to freeze and where I can use the cursor. I’m beginning to doubt that Framework can supply me with that.


I think you should be polite yet assertive with the support and just demand a new motherboard to replace your existing one. Not to say that if you’ve been reporting issues since December 2023, in some countries, a warranty claim needs to be resolved within 30 days.

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I had the same problem after some time the full bios got corrupted the laptop would not boot anymore and I got a new motherboard

Is there any reason my laptop would do this on the battery? I’m still on 3.03b, the screen was off, the lid was closed and I would’ve expected the laptop to be asleep so I don’t expect it to discharge to 0% in the space of about 10 hours.

Past 7-day usage, it was pretty much only on the morning for a couple of minutes at most today.

Power options settings, closing the lid should put the laptop to sleep so I shouldn’t see the battery drain like that.

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