Raspberry Pi CM4 Mainboard

This is certainly going to be the largest and most challenging project I’ve ever worked on, but I’m going to begin designing a Carrier board for the Raspberry Pi CM4, I’m hoping it will be a drop-in replacement. Currently, the biggest challenge for me is having the capability for DP Alt Mode, Thunderbolt just will not happen.


A random question, would a PineBook Pro work better? They seem to have more IO. Not sure if that’s a better starting point.

if you can source a thunderbolt 3 chip, you can connect it to the pcie3x1 lane… if you dont use it for the ssd.

This sounds like an awesome project.
Good luck :+1:

Any updates on this?

I stumbled on the Pinebook Pro’s wiki:

Might be interesting to put a RockPi instead the Framework.